What a service this past weekend, and what an outpouring of generosity and prayer! We have had to shut down the online giving because you have far exceeded our wildest expectations (and Ron Pearce’s wildest expectations) - $160,000 given to further the incredible revival going on in eastern Africa! Reminds me of Exodus 36:5-6 where Moses had to stop the people from giving because they gave too much! Praise God.

Now . . . don’t worry, those of you who have not had a chance to give yet. Wait until you hear some of the Church Renewal updates coming out of Uganda and the surrounding African countries in the next couple of weeks – really unbelievable! Some of us were in tears this week watching testimonies coming out of Church Renewal churches here in Canada and in Africa. Our annual Christmas offering for Church Renewal is coming up December 9-10, as Jesus taught us: “It is better to give than to receive.” May you find that to be true!

~ Pastor Kris