Leaders Through Action (LTA) is a discipleship program for High School students.

What is Leaders Through Action?

Leader Through Action (LTA) is a discipleship program where High School students experience Jesus, make awesome memories, create amazing community and  develop as leaders. We offer a variety of three week ‘LTA Tracks’ a student can be apart of. Each one starts of with a 3-day retreat and is followed by leadership training focusing on character building, connecting with Jesus, prayer, how to disciple and hands-on outreach. Each LTA Track costs $300 with fundraising opportunities.



    This year we are offering 3 different LTA tracks to choose from:

    Camp Track

    July 1- 20, 2018, July 8-27, 2018

    OR July 29-Aug 17, 2018

    We offer 3 identical Camp Track sessions that you can choose from. Each session of the LTA Camp Track takes place at Bird River Bible Camp. We go through leadership training to prepare students for camp ministry, leading at church, and living passionately for Jesus.

    Sport Track

    July 2- 20, 2018

    Have you ever wanted to know how to live passionately for Jesus and bring him into your passion for sports? The sports leadership track is 3 weeks here in Steinbach learning to live for Jesus in sports. Training will include: growing your relationship with Jesus, how to live passionately for Jesus in sports, and physical training (with coaches and trainers).

    Worship Track

    July 2- 20, 2018

    Your opportunity to learn about worship if you sing or play an instrument and want to learn how to use that in worship! This track runs in Steinbach and we have many worship leaders and pastors coming in to teach and train about worship. You will grow in leadership, character, and a love to worship the King.

    Application Process:

    Once the application form is submitted, our LTA Leadership Team will be in contact with you to set up an interview where we will discuss if LTA is a right fit for you and must also meet our criteria for acceptance (see below). Applying does not garenty a spot in the LTA program. Upon acceptance, deposit payment and fundraising opportinuties and further information will be given. We look forward to meeting with you!

    Criteria for acceptance:

    • 70% cell attendance
      • Exceptions may be made on a case by case basis for those who have missed cell due to various reasons like sports involvement and/ or ministry involvement
    • Involvement or commitment to serving at church
    • A desire to grow in your relationship with Jesus!