Cell groups are small groups of people who meet weekly to grow in relationship with Jesus and with each other.

Church can seem large but we don’t want people to feel lost or stop at solely attending weekend services.  We are all about relationships with people and their relationship with Christ, and we want to see people enjoying the benefits of church community. 

Because cells are so important in our church we have made every effort to have a group accessible to every schedule.  We have dozens of home groups that meet each week as well as larger cells that meet in the church (broken into smaller table groups in order to still benefit from consistent relationships). 

We have many early morning cells that meet prior to the average workday, including the Marketplace Leader’s Men’s Cell led by Pastor Ray, a husband’s cell, and cells for women heading off to work.  We also have women’s cells that meet mid-morning, as well as evening cells for women, married couples, and mixed groups, no matter what age or stage of life.  We have cells that meet in other languages, and cells that meet in the surrounding communities (including Winnipeg).


Ministry Leader

Stefan Duerksen
Associate Pastor


If you have any questions email us at cell@mysouthland.com so we can help you with whatever you need.

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