Lead Pastor

Kris Duerksen



Founder & Director of Church Renewal

Ray & Fran Duerksen

Former Southland Lead Pastor for 22 Years

Grace Fast
Pastor of Prayer & Prophecy
Chris Puhach
Pastor of School of Ministers
Eunice McAllister
Director of Finance & Operations
Ray Yoder
Associate Pastor
Stefan Duerksen
Associate Pastor
Tim Ryan
Pastor of Pastoral Care
Ryan Warkentin
Pastor of Communication/Tech. & Properties
Thom Dick
Family Pastor
Victoria Lepp
Early Years Pastor (Birth to Pre-K)
Shawyn Friesen
Children's Ministry Pastor
Caleb Dueck
Middle School Pastor
Brad Elias
High School Pastor
Dan Hungerford
Young Adult/Married/Families Pastor
Joel Nedohin
Men's Ministry Pastor
Grace Hiebert
Seniors Ministry Pastor