Promoted Event: Men's Breakfast · Saturday, December 1, 2018 · 7:00 am

The strength of our church will be greatly impacted by the wholeness of its men.

MEN'S Cell Groups  (weekly)

“Together” all men’s cells are the “Meat and Potatoes” for this Men’s Ministry where we are discipled to love God; love others; learn to walk in His ways together and move outward in service to His church.  We host all the MAN stuff going on together; and be a support to build up the mission of Church Renewal. 

Here are a few of the cells offered…


MARKETPLACE LEADERS - Wednesday mornings from 6:30–8:00am

The goal of this Cell is to help Marketplace Leaders’ understand how to discover and implement God’s plans and strategies within the unique areas of responsibility He has given them and to grow them in their personal relationship with Christ.  They’re trained to minister to their families; workplaces; the local church; the broader marketplace and to the broader church. Contact Eric Klippenstein at


THE MAN CELL - Saturday mornings from 7:00–9:00am

We teach men how to walk in God’s ways; be baptized and become committed members of His church, then lead their families by their example to do all the same.  Together we discover the gifts God has given us to build into His purposes.  We then move outward to help organize the volunteers from all men’s cells for the Men’s Events; The Renewed MAN Workshops; Men’s Work Day’s / Crisis HELP Team; Men’s BBQ / Food Team and more. Contact Joel Nedohin at

Men’s Breakfast  (monthly)

This monthly event (usually the first Saturday of every month) has become the central hub to all the MAN stuff going on in our church.  We eat great food; know what’s happening with the different Men’s events / workshops going on, and we always finish with hearing impacting testimonies from other men including our Pastors in our church family.  It’s AWESOME!  So we invite you to come by yourself, with friends and family or as a cell group.


Men’s Work Day / Crisis HELP Team

A team of volunteers will gather once a month to take on work opportunities for people who are in need either through our church family or for our community as a way to show God’s love in a practical way.  If there is a crisis situation happening, we then have a separate team of volunteers who are notified to come and help if they are able.  Any man who desires to help people in this way, can join this team to be notified as well by emailing Pastor Joel.


Men’s Events  (quarterly)

At these events, there is an environment that every man can be heard and have other Godly friends to help them grow in their relationship with Jesus, and enjoy meaningful fellowship HIS way.  A few of the events also have an opportunity for fathers who want to connect and enjoy intentional time with their children. 

Our five annual MAIN events are:

  • Ice Fishing Event – March
  • Summer Fishing Derby at Bird River Bible Camp – June (License free weekend)
  • MAN Camp – The day before summer Fishing Derby
  • RISE UP Men's Conference - September
  • Father / Daughter Ball – November


The Renewed Man – Events / Workshops

  • Conquer Series – A 5-week series put on by “KingdomWorks Studios” that will change a man’s life as he works to destroy sexual sin in his life and seek Jesus with all his heart.
  • Seven Pillars of Freedom – A 30-week intense workshop for men as a follow up to the Conquer Series, who want their minds to be renewed by the power of the Holy Spirit so they too can experience REAL freedom from sexual sin and temptations.

Ministry Leader

Joel Nedohin
Men's Ministry Pastor

If you would like further information on The MAN Cell or would like to be notified on men’s events happening throughout the year, email to sign up at