Promoted Event: Southland Men's Breakfast · Saturday, February 3, 2018 · 7:00 am

The strength of our church will be greatly impacted by the wholeness of its men.

The MAN Cell  (weekly)

This is the “meat and potatoes” for this men’s ministry, where we learn to walk in God’s ways together. The heart is to connect all men, build MANLY community in our church and grow holistically through teaching and prayer. We then show His love to those in need by helping with work projects; using our hands and abilities to provide for some of the church family needs here at Southland or for outreach.

The MAN Cell will include:

  • Men’s Breakfast (First Saturday morning of each month, hosted by The MAN Cell, but ALL men are invited)
  • A Work Day (Saturday morning projects once a month after cell)
  • Teaching, connection, prayer and accountability (Three Saturdays per month)

Men’s Breakfast  (monthly)

Open to ALL MEN.  On the first Saturday of each month, put on by “The MAN Cell” we gather those who want to come worship God together, eat food and hear what’s going on in the lives of other men in our church.  Come by yourself, with your friends, or as a cell group of men and be connected. 


Men’s Work Day / Crisis HELP Team

A team of volunteers will gather after cell once a month to take on work opportunities for people who are in need either through our church family or for our community as a way to show God’s love in a practical way.  If there is a crisis situation happening, we then have a separate team of volunteers who are notified to come and help if they are able.  Any man who desires to help people in this way, can join this team to be notified as well by emailing Pastor Joel.


Men’s Events  (quarterly)

At the men’s events put on by “The MAN Cell”, we want an environment where every man can be heard and have other Godly friends to help them grow in their relationship with Jesus, and enjoy meaningful fellowship HIS way.  We also give this as an opportunity for fathers who want to connect and enjoy intentional time with their children.

Our four annual main events are:

  • Ice Fishing Event – February (License free weekend)
  • Summer Fishing Derby which includes the optional MAN Camp experience the night before – June (License free weekend)
  • Skeet Tournament – September
  • Father / Daughter Ball – November

The Renewed Man – Events / Workshops

  • Conquer Series – A 5-week series put on by “KingdomWorks Studios” that will change a man’s life as he works to destroy sexual sin in his life and seek Jesus with all his heart.
  • Seven Pillars of Freedom – A 30-week intense workshop for men as a follow up to the Conquer Series, who want their minds to be renewed by the power of the Holy Spirit so they too can experience REAL freedom from sexual sin and temptations.

Ministry Leader

Joel Nedohin
Men's Ministry Pastor

If you would like further information on The MAN Cell or would like to be notified on men’s events happening throughout the year, email to sign up at

Father/Daughter Ball

We have capacity for 450 people per evening and both evenings are now SOLD OUT! If you would like to be put on a waiting list, CLICK HERE!