Congratulations on your decision to follow Christ!
Following Jesus is the most important decision we will ever make. While believing in Jesus forever secures our salvation, we are also invited to experience new life here on earth. No one is perfect, but every day, we have the opportunity to grow our faith and our relationship with God.

We’re so excited about your decision to accept Christ! We’d love to provide you with some new believer resources to help you grow in your faith, and connect with you on your decision to help you with next steps to take and answer any questions you may have.
Also, we’d love to hear how God’s been working in your life. Fill out the form below to let us know about your decision and share your story with our staff.

Cell groups are small groups of people who meet weekly to grow in relationship with Jesus and with each other.  As a large church, we don’t want people to feel lost or stop at solely attending weekend services.  We are all about relationships with people and their relationship with Christ, and we want to see people enjoying the benefits of church community. 

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