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This ministry is for anyone who is a Young Adult or Young Married, that is interested in knowing and experiencing God on a deeper level!

Cell Groups

We are a cell (small group) based ministry with cells on nearly every day of the working week. This allows for people to build community with others they can be supported by, trust and have fun with, all while learning how to follow Jesus together. We have gender-specific cell groups and also groups for married couples to attend together (including a Connect Cell for married couples that offers childcare).

If you'd like more information about cell groups, please email Nettie Penner at; she'd love to help you get connected!

Community Activity

Every Tuesday morning the coffee is on for a time of personal and group prayer called Coffee with God! We meet at church at 6:30am - all are welcome to come check it out! 

Most months we have a corporate event when we all get a chance to get together. This ranges from worship nights (Resound), potlucks, tournaments, to even talent shows!  And every summer we have two retreats at Bird River Bible Camp (sign up at All these events and retreats are focused so that we can build a strong community for God.

What if there was a place where the worst of you could be known and you would not be loved less but more in the telling of it? We want this ministry to be that place! A place where the best interests of each other are looked out for.

Ministry Leader

Dan Hungerford
Young Adult/Married/Families Pastor
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