Membership is about Identifying with and commiting to the church and it is a significant step that we encourage you all to take! The Southland 101 is the first part of that step toward membership and baptism.

A significant part of God's plan for humankind is the Church. Numerous times in the scripture Jesus refers to the Church as his “bride” which is a fitting picture of His relationship and love for the Church. Identifying with and committing to the Church is what membership signifies and it is a significant step that we encourage! The Southland 101 Seminar is the first part of that step toward membership. This seminar will cover Southland Church history, leadership, and our core values and practices. 

The Southland 101 Seminar is a pre-requisite for those want to become a member . If you just want to know more about Southland and consider membership in the future, we encourage your to attend. 

The 101 is four two hour sessions, and the next Southland 101 begins on March 16, 2019. Register today!

If you have already taken the 101 in the past and now would like to pursue membership, please contact Eunice McAllister at the church office! 204.326.9020

Southland 101 Upcoming Events