Four Winds Housing is a one year mentorship program that encourages participants to take steps in a journey of personal growth in their relationship with God and others.

The Four Winds Housing is a one year mentorship program that encourages participants to take steps in a journey of personal growth in their relationship with God, with others and within themselves.

Participants receive encouragement and support through various ministries of Southland Church, for example, cell groups, retreats, workshops, mentoring, weekend services, etc. with the Four Winds Housing Residence giving them additional support through community living.  

Ministry Leader

Marlene Loeppky
Director of Four Winds Housing


How do I get my son, niece, grandchild or friend into the program?

It is important that those applying to enter the program are intentional about growing in their relationship with God, others and themselves. To ensure participants themselves are determined to follow the program and work toward positive changes in their lives, all applicants must complete an application form on their own and be extremely motivated to follow through with the program.

What is the process of applying to Four Winds Ministry?

Those interested in being a part of the FW Program will contact the FWM administrative assistant, to set up a meeting with the Director. This meeting will determine if you are ready for the FW Program. If so you will be asked to complete an application form.  After the completed application form has been received and reviewed, and references contacted, you will be contacted for an interview. 

Is FWM a lock down and rehabilitation center?

No. FWM is a mentorship program. If a participant no longer wants to be in the program, they may leave. 

Do you accommodate families?

No. FWP is not designed for families. 

Can participants work while they are in the Program?

Yes. Participants are expected to work daytime hours while they live in a dorm. 

Do participants need to pay to live in the dorm?

Yes. There is an initial fee upon acceptance. Monthly room and board is dependent on the participants’ income. Groceries are not supplied for participants.

Is there a cook and cleaning staff on site?

No. Participants purchase their own groceries and cook for themselves. There are also shared cleaning responsibilities for the participants.

Need a year of healing and growth?

Is God calling you to a year in the Four Winds Program?