Leaders Through Action (LTA) is a discipleship program for High School students.

What is LTA?

Leader Through Action (LTA) is a discipleship program where High School students experience Jesus, make awesome memories, create amazing community and develop as leaders. We offer a variety of three week ‘LTA Tracks’ that a student can be a part of. Although the 4 different LTA tracks have a different emphasis each track will include leadership training that focuses on character development, connecting with Jesus, prayer, how to disciple and hands-on outreach. We encourage students to try a different LTA track every year of their High School period. Our goal is to raise up students that are passionately in love with Jesus and are equipped to serve their sports teams, friends, families and different areas of church. 


Camp Track

June 30-July 19, 2019 (Track #1)
July 7-26, 2019 (Track #2)
July 28-Aug 15, 2019 (Track #3)

We offer 3 identical Camp Track sessions that you can choose from. Each 3-week session takes place at Bird River Bible Camp and starts with a 3-day camping trip in Nopiming Provincial Park. This is followed with leadership training to prepare students for camp ministry, leading at church, and living passionately for Jesus.

The LTA Camp Track cost is $300. The deadline to sign up is February 8, 2019.


Sports Track

JULY 1-19, 2019

Have you ever wanted to know how to live passionately for Jesus and bring him into your passion for sports? The sports leadership track is 3 weeks here in Steinbach learning to live for Jesus in sports. This track starts with a 3-day camping trip and follows with training that will include growing your relationship with Jesus, learning how to live passionately for Jesus in sports, and physical training (with coaches and trainers).

The LTA Sports Track cost is $300. The deadline to sign up is February 8, 2019.


Worship Track

JULY 1-19, 2019

If you sing or play an instrument this is your opportunity to learn how to use that in worship and lead others into worship. This track runs in Steinbach and we have many worship leaders and pastors coming in to teach and train about worship. This track starts with a 3-day retreat and is followed with training that will include skill development, worship leadership, and character development.

The LTA Worship Track cost is $300. The deadline to sign up is February 8, 2019.


Missions Track

JULY 7-26, 2019

Have you already attended a previous LTA track and want to take you growth to the next level? We will be taking a group of 15 students to work with two Church Renewal churches in Puebla, Mexico.  This 3-week session will start with a week of training in Steinbach and then a 2- week mission trip. This track’s emphasis is on discipleship and outreach!

This track will roughly cost of $2200. (Exact cost will be determined by number of participants).  The deadline to sign up is January 18, 2019.



We're so excited that you're interested in LTA!! 

Once the application form is submitted, our LTA Leadership Team will review your application and references. You may also be contacted to set up an interview where we will discuss if LTA is a right fit for you. Applying does not guarantee a spot in the LTA program. 


  • 70% cell attendance
    • Exceptions may be made on a case by case basis for those who have missed cell due to various reasons like sports involvement and/or ministry involvement​
  • Involvement or commitment to serving at church
  • A desire to grow in your relationship with Jesus!

Preference will also be given to those who are older and serving in church. 

Please fill out and submit this form and we will inform you of you the state of your application by Feb.15, 2019. 

Upon acceptance you will receive a more comprehensive application, further information and fundraising opportunities based on the LTA track you will be attending. A deposit payment will also be required at a that time. 

We look forward to your application to LTA!

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