March 20, 4:30 PM

New Information

  • As of Friday, March 20, 2020 at 4:00 PM the church building will be closed to the public with most staff working from home. Southland staff are still working! Please call us or email if you need help or have any questions at all! 204-326-9020 info@mysouthland.com
  • If you have a library book that is, or becomes overdue, your due date will be moved to the end of April. Enjoy your book again! Library questions can be directed to info@mysouthland.com.
  • We are starting a daily email devotional to help bring hope to this difficult season! If you are interested in receiving that e-devotional, subscribe at www.mysouthland.com/resources.

Previous Updates

Weekend Services Updates:

  • (3/18) Live Weekend Services are cancelled for
    • March 21-22
    • March 28-29
    • April 4-5
  • (3/18) Please join us online to worship at mysouthland.com/live at 9:00 AM on Sunday.
    • There is an option for the deaf community as well.
  • (3/18) We will be hosting a Kids Church livestream at 8:30 AM also on Sunday (and running for two hours on repeat). The URL for that livestream will be in a future update.
  • (3/18) Pastor Kris will be leading an online Prayer Summit every Tuesday from 7:00-8:00 PM.
  • (3/19) Worship Ministry plans to do regular Instagram Live sets. If you want to learn how Instagram Live works, check out this video!

Adult Cell Updates:

  • (3/19) There will be a LIVE ALL CELL LEADERS update on Sunday March 22 at 6:30 PM – you will receive a link to join if you are a cell leader. There may be further video updates for specific ministries; those links will be sent to you as well.
  • (3/18) All cells are asked to cancel for the week of March 16-22.
  • (3/18) We are working on online solutions for cell groups.
    • UPDATE: A list of ideas should be available soon!

Family Ministries Updates:

  • (3/19) Family Ministries has launched a new Instagram account to connect families. www.instagram.com/southland.familyministries. They will be hosting a ton of great stuff there!
    • Families 
      • (3/19) Weekly family devotionals every Wednesday that engages your children Age 2-Grade 8.
      • (3/19) You can message us with your prayer requests, and we’ll have a team praying for you.
      • (3/19) Online community for parents to share your experiences through our engaging questions both on Instagram and our Southland Facebook page. 
    • Kids 
      • (3/19) Posting activities twice a week for kids 
      • (3/19) Kids Church Online is a 30-minute video that will be available to stream on Sunday mornings starting at 8:30 AM it will repeat until 10:30 AM. 
    • Middle Schoolers 
      • (3/19) Connect with us at Mid-Week Online on Wednesday at 7:00 PM.  www.mysouthland.com/MSM      
      • (3/19) We are working on ways to connect your Middle Schoolers to their cells and cell leaders  
    • High School  
      • (3/19) Weekly engagement through the High School Ministry Instagram page  
      • (3/19) See www.instagram.com/southlandHSM  to connect with us! 
  • (3/19) Email families@mysouthland.com for information about any of our Family Ministries.

Other Ministry Updates:

  • (3/19) Please do not visit Bird River Bible Camp to check out the building site. No one will be allowed on site except approved trades and personnel.
  • (3/19) Kids and Mass Easter Choir has been cancelled.
  • (3/18) All ministry events cancelled March 16-22.
  • (3/18) School of Ministers is cancelled for the rest of the year.
  • (3/18) Volunteer Extravaganza will be postponed until a later date.

Office, Staff and Building Hours:

  • (3/19 UPDATE) As of Friday, March 20, 2020 at 4:00 PM the church building will be closed to the public with most staff working from home. We are still working! Please call or email if you need help or have any questions at all! 204-326-9020 info@mysouthland.com.


  • (3/19) Southland’s Distribution Centre will be up and running for Food Hampers ONLY at the regular day and time, Thursday’s 6:45 – 7:45
    • If you find that you need a food hamper and don’t know how to sign up for one, or if you need on and can’t make it to the Distribution Centre to pick it up please email care@mysouthland.com and someone will get back to you.
    • The Distribution Centre is not accepting any donations currently.
  • (3/18) You can continue to make donations online at www.mysouthland.com/give or in person at the church office during the week. 
  • If you have any questions about giving please email give@mysouthland.com.

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