"Let love be your highest goal..."

1 Corinthians 14:1

Our call as followers of Jesus is to love God and love others! Learn to Love is a 6-week module intended to help increase your capacity to love as well as address things that hinder our ability to love authentically.

The module can be done on your own, with your small group or even your family.

There are three components to each part of the module:

  1. Video lesson and guided practicum
  2. Small group plan
  3. Exercise booklet to do on your own

For Small Groups

Small Group Format

  • Watch the teaching/practicum video (45-60 minutes)
  • Do the small group plan together with your small group

Small Group Calendar

  • May 10-15: Lesson 1
  • May 17-23: Lesson 2
  • May 24-30: Lesson 3
  • May 31-June 5: Prayer Summit on Wednesday June 3 (no lesson)
  • June 7-13: Lesson 4
  • June 14-20: Lesson 5
  • June 21-27: Lesson 6

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