January is our annual Month of Prayer and Fasting here at Southland! Each year we are so excited to see the work God is going to do in our church and our personal lives.

Southland's Corporate Prayer & Fasting Requests 2019

1. Grow more passionate for Jesus

2. Grow in passion for reaching the lost

3. Freedom of Religion: students and teachers

4. Camp Dining Hall & Chapel approved, finished, and paid for by summer 2021

5. Raise up and disciple more cell & ministry leaders

Preparing for January


Commitment Card 2019


Fasting Guide


Below are corporate prayer events with live worship and prayer leaders held in the Prayer Room


January 11th, 8pm-9pm

Worshiping and honoring God in all circumstances is a vital part of walking with Christ, as is releasing our burdens to Him in prayer. This month at Friday Night Prayer, Worship ministry and Prayer ministry are working together to host an hour of worship and encouragement as you spend this month in prayer and fasting releasing your burdens to Him. All are welcome and coffee is provided!



Sunday mornings, 8-8:50am

We want to see God move in the lives of everyone who comes to the services. During our prayer time we will be praying for the congregation and for the Pastor who is speaking. We also make sure we have an opportunity to personally engage in prayer about our own personal relationship with the Lord. Pre-Service Prayer is led by a prayer leader and also includes worship songs led by a live worship band. The prayer times include thanksgiving prayer, prayer points listed on PowerPoints screens, listening prayer and corporate unison prayer.



Thursday mornings, 6-7am

Resting prayer includes live worship and Scripture meditation. Prayer is reflective and done on your own.  ​



Wednesday afternoons, 12:45-1:30pm

This is a prayer time led by SOM students and is open to all. Various students share a brief testimony and then intercede on a specific topic for that week.

Prayer Room Hours: Mondays-Saturdays 6am-8pm   |   Sundays 6am-1pm

Prayer Room Hours: Mondays-Saturdays 6am-10pm   |   Sundays 6am-1pm