Devotional Resources

We have several kinds of resources to help you connect with Jesus during your quiet times. "Foundations" take you through various books of the Bible helping you apply what you are reading into your life. There are also several booklets that are on different themes. Prayer sheets are written by our Prayer Ministry and are intended to help you grow in the discipline of prayer.

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Message Archive

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Parent Resources

Our main Parent Resource is Southland's parenting blog, "The Renewed Family." We also have two video workshops that were developed for parents.

Worship Resources

Southland's Worship Ministry has many resources on their page. From Southland-written music complete with lyrics and chord charts, to music videos and playlists, you will find many helpful ways to connect your heart with Jesus through music.

Southland Worship

Workshops and Seminars

We have developed several seminars over the past number of years all of which are available to watch online.

Defending Our Faith

6 sessions

Confident Christianity

6 sessions + bonus parent content

The Dating Seminar

4 sessions

11 Questions About Heaven Answered

11 sessions

Communication Course

4 sessions

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