Partnering with Christian African organizations to provide
hope and a future through sustainable innovations

Tupendane is a charity established in 2009 by Southland that currently works predominantly in Africa.  Partnering with Back to the Bible Truth (BBT) in Uganda, Tupendane has provided tractors, hospital beds, mosquito nets, printing presses, a water harvesting system, textbooks & Bibles and food for 1600 students at the Good Samaritan Centre, an orphanage/school run by the BBT.  A primary focus of Tupendane’s activities in Uganda have been to assist with the development of mechanized farming with the goal to develop self-sustaining farming practices.  Self-sufficiency has largely been achieved although continued assistance, mentoring and future initiatives related to ministry/vocational training and construction of health clinics are ongoing.

In addition to physical needs and farming endeavours, Tupendane has partnered with Church Renewal and with Back to the Bible Truth to provide mentoring to hundreds of local pastors in Uganda and South Sudan that will help them lead and grow their churches in renewal practices and concepts.