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Betrayal & Beyond

I am a “nice” Christian woman. No one would have thought I needed this course. But I was tired of me! Tired of feeling guilty! Tired of being sad! Tired of being tired!  And then there was the anger. One of the tools I learned was to bring God into my memories, and when I brought Jesus, His love, His acceptance, and absolutely no judgement into that memory, the anger left. Not immediately, but over a couple of weeks, I felt better and better. Then when circumstances arose, I spoke calmly. That’s when I realized that because the anger was gone and my results in the natural had diminished, I had more confidence in prayer. I didn’t have to spend time feeling guilty and repenting.  This course has changed me and changed my family. Many friends have told me that my eyes look different. I can see clearly how He went before me to place me where I needed to be. Not just to pull me out of the pit but to also put me in a place where I would be surrounded by support, encouragement, hope, healing, fellowship, TRUTH, and freedom. This course is difficult, but God showed up for me in a mighty way when I opened a book I was reading at the time and I read these words from Isaiah 43:18-19 ‘But forget all that, it is nothing compared to what I am going to do. For I am about to do something new. See, I have already begun! Do you not see it? I will make a pathway through the wilderness; I will create rivers in the dry wasteland.’ B&B brought me to a place where my desire for freedom was greater than my fear of being hurt over and over again. I no longer wanted to be chained as a victim to the person I needed to forgive. My unforgiveness was a mechanism of control and I was ready to give control back to God where it belongs. 

7 Pillars

Over the last 3 years there has been great progress and many victories through engaging in 7 Pillars. Exposing the shame and lies (confessing to God) makes room for the healing to begin.  Confess to God and he will forgive you (1 John 1:9-10). Confess to others and there is healing (James 5:16). I needed both. Back in the day, God was forgiving me more than I felt I deserved, but I didn't see much progress when I was only confessing to him. Continually confessing to others lets God’s love, the acceptance of his forgiveness, and healing to take root and grow. The weekly contact with my accountability partner is a huge part of my freedom! I tried confessing multiple times and got some freedom for a while, I tried accountability, but it wasn't intentional, and I soon quit. I went to Promise Keepers events, I involved myself in ministry with the hopes that I could escape the issues, I even prayed over and over again that God would take away my desires. I eventually got married, but that only brought my wife into my secretive world of sexual sin. Freedom from sexual addiction takes 2-5 years to achieve. Seven Pillars is a great start on the journey to freedom if you are sick of the trap of sexual sin. You will have the opportunity to deal with some of the hurts that have led you there. You will have other men journeying with you to encourage you and spur you on to be better or maybe just sit with you, be with you, and pray with you in the midst of the battle as Hell unleashes another attack on you. When you stumble you can pick each other up and move towards the freedom you desire.  

God uses 7 Pillars and a community of men to start a lifelong journey out of addictions that have already consumed too much of your life. He calls a bunch of scared, hurt men, full of shame, and wanting to run to experience a life of true freedom together.

Unraveled (8 Pillars)

The most important thing that happened during this course is that I experienced the “love of God.” I knew about it in my heart, but it was not real. I grew up thinking of God as a judge. About half way through the course his love became real. Everything changed after that. It is so amazing, I just love it, its putting different paths in my brain. Another amazing thing that happened is that I can finally stand up for myself. Because of God’s love, I believe I will get total victory in all areas of my life; like being honest, being pure sexually, less angry and forgiving easier and faster. It is making an incredible difference in my life. I spend more time with God and recently started worshiping and praising Him again. I’ve gone through a lot in this course and am still dealing with stuff, but I believe I will become the woman God wants me to be. God uses 7 Pillars and a community of men to start a lifelong journey out of addictions that have already consumed too much of your life. He calls a bunch of scared, hurt men, full of shame, and wanting to run to experience a life of true freedom together.

Hope for Men

Through this journey, in reviewing the workbook and devotional guide, I found freedom when Jesus showed me an area in my life where I was carrying guilt and shame that was not mine to carry. Even though Jesus pointed out to me where I made mistakes in my life and marriage, not everything was my responsibility and there where things out of my control that I shouldn’t feel guilty about. I have friends but I didn’t feel like I could share this with them as it is so personal and humiliating and painful. The biggest impact of this class was being able to speak to others that had gone through similar experiences with betrayal. I’ve carried a lot of shame with me about my wife’s affairs and felt very alone in dealing and healing from them. This class opened the door to meet others that were on a similar path and showed me that I wasn’t alone and my feelings where real and valid.

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