In the New Testament people in churches are recognized as being in community. Becoming a member of a church is a spiritual expression of connectedness to a church. When we are saved, we become part of the family of God. Joining a local church and living in community with them enables us to grow and become spiritually mature in Christ. It provides accountability in our spiritual lives and spurs us on to living lives of godliness.

Through membership, the believer makes visible their commitment to Christ and His people. Joining a church says, “I am committed to this group of people, and they are committed to me”. It recognizes that this is a two-way relationship of giving and receiving from each other. It says that we are going to work together in building God’s kingdom.

Being connected to the body of Christ through a local church is a gift of God’s grace. We would encourage all believers to consider the blessing of becoming a member of the church.

The 7 Requirements for Membership at Southland are:

1. Salvation & Baptism – prospective members must profess Jesus Christ to be Lord of their life and must have been baptized. 

Learn more about Baptism

2. Attendance – prospective members must attend Southland for at least one year before becoming members.

3. Set Free! Retreat – prospective members must have attended a Set Free! Retreat. 

Learn more about the Set Free! Retreat

4. Hearing God Seminar – prospective members must have completed all six sessions of the Hearing God Seminar.  For a summer Hearing God option, please email for more info.

Learn more about Hearing God

5. Southland 101 – prospective members must have completed the Southland 101 Seminar. 

Learn more about Southland 101

6. Membership Interview – with either a Board Elder or Staff Elder. 

7. Covenant – prospective members must sign the Southland Membership Covenant and be in agreement with our Statement of Beliefs and Practices. The covenant is part of a membership Sunday.