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We are the worship and production ministry at Southland Church. Over the years we’ve written some songs out of our church experiences. These songs have been prayers, anthems and songs of praise for our church throughout our journey in seeking and following God. We are excited that other churches have been able to use these songs as well and would love to connect with you if are one of those churches. We continue to write as God leads and you can find resources for our songs here.

His Name Shall Be

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For Such a Time as This


“…And who knows whether you have not come to the kingdom for such a time as this?” -Esther 4:14.

This Album was recorded live with our church and it’s a collection of songs from the past few years where God has led us on a path of renewal. First, in our own hearts and relationship with God and second, in a calling from God to help renew the church of Canada and beyond. These songs are declarations and prayers that have come out of the humbling journey of saying yes to God and answering that call.

Instrumental Albums


We are always using instrumental music behind different kinds of prayer and devotion times. We’ve partnered with one of our gifted piano players to put together a few of our own instrumental albums and you can find more ideas and suggestions in the playlists we’ve created below.

If you're looking for some quiet instrumental music to use for prayer times and events, here's a playlist!

Southland Worship Music


Great are your statutes God
Perfect are all your laws
You created them for us to know your heart
Blessed are those who walk
According to the word of God
You give life to those who obey your commands

Your word is a lamp unto my feet
Your word is the bread of life I need
Your word is truth, Your word is life
It stands alone, it will not die
Your word is Hope, Your word is the light
Jesus Your word is alive
Our hope is found in you
For you are the founding truth
Our delight is in drawing near to you
You're the beginning and the end
And your word has always been
It will lead your church back to you again
We're staking our lives, on what it says
Our God is who, he says he is
No one can change, the truth will remain
There's no other name, by which we are saved
Jesus rise, and take your place
As the only truth, the life, the way
Cleanse your bride, Renew your church
Together we'll stand, on your word


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