We are passionate about sharing our faith stories. We believe that each individual's journey with God is unique and valuable, and we love to hear about the ways in which God has worked in the lives of our community members. We believe that sharing these experiences can inspire and encourage others in their own faith journeys.
Personal Testimonies
Hector shares how he overcame alcohol by giving his YES to Jesus.
Andrew & Vanessa share how cabin leading impacted their lives.
Vern & Christina share a miracle as Vern's life was almost taken. 
Betty Wall thanks the church for their support during a hard time.
Ministry Spotlights

Family Ministries team celebrates God moving in kid's lives.

Alex Mitala and others talk about Tupendane and their recent trip.
Leaders share what their favourite part of leading at HSYTH is.
A KCO highlight to celebrate the ministry being done online.
Camp Highlights
An action-packed video to recap the ministry happening with HS kids!
Leaders share how Family Camp has impacted family relationships.
Celebrating the ministry being done at camp!
Better Together
Boonie Koop shares how the prayer ministry brings her community.
A family shares how home church has given them deeper friendships
Cody & Amber talk about how worship ministry brings community
Brendan & Tammy share the impact of volunteering at camp together.
Share Your Story
Share your story with us because we want to hear it!