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Southland Church

Love God. Love People.
Be discipled. Make Disciples.

Pastors & Directors

Stefan Duerksen's head shot

Stefan Duerksen

Lead Pastor

Eunice McAllister's head shot

Eunice McAllister

Executive Director of Finance and Operations

Eric Klippenstein's head shot

Eric Klippenstein

Executive Pastor

Teena Cole's head shot

Teena Cole

Pastor of Prayer and Prophecy

Martin Gunter's head shot

Martin Gunter

Adult Ministry Pastor

Chris Carr's head shot

Chris Carr

Youth & Young Adults Pastor

Monique Desorcy's head shot

Monique Desorcy

Family Ministry Director

Brock Peters' head shot

Brock Peters

Family Ministry Director

Jireh Martiniano

Worship Ministry Director

Joel Wiebe's head shot

Joel Wiebe

Director of Facilities

Steve Bergman's head shot

Steve Bergman

Camp Director

Ministry Staff

Al Toews' head shot

Al Toews


Anita Auch's head shot

Anita Auch

Kitchen Coordinator

Candy Dyck's head shot

Candy Dyck

Communications Director

Christine Gerbrandt's head shot

Christine Gerbrandt

Executive Assistant

Claire Funk's head shot

Claire Funk


Cynthia Falk's headshot

Cynthia Falk

Administration Assistant

Grace Plett's head shot

Grace Plett

Welcome Ministry Assistant

Heather Bergen's head shot

Heather Bergen

Family Ministries Assistant


Jocelyn Broesky

Family Ministries Coordinator

Jocelyn Braun's head shot

Jocelyn Braun

Early Years Coordinator

John Abrams' head shot

John Abrams

Properties and Distribution Centre

Kristelle Falk's Headshot

Kristelle Falk

Website and Graphic Designer

Mallory Edwards' head shot

Mallory Edwards

Adult Ministry Administrator

Mark Bergen's head shot

Mark Bergen

Director of Technology

Matthew Peters' head shot

Matthew Peters

Production Coordinator

Parker Friesen's head shot

Parker Friesen

Multimedia Designer

Tanya Warkentin's head shot

Tanya Warkentin

Accounting Assistant

Terry Schellenberg's head shot

Terry Schellenberg

Front Desk Supervisor

Victoria Lepp's head shot

Victoria Lepp

Senior's Ministry Director

Wes Friesen's head shot

Wes Friesen


Board Elders

Irvin and Marilyn Funk

Irv Funk

Board Elder Chair

Brad and Ruth Squires

Brad Squires

Board Elder

Kevin and Connie Plett

Kevin Plett

Board Elder

Bill and Lori Rempel

Bill Rempel

Board Elder