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Baptism is an outward symbol of an inward commitment.

Baptism is an important step in a person’s walk with God.  The Bible is clear about this fact and the practice of the vast majority of Christians throughout Church history confirms it. Baptism doesn’t make you a Christian, but it declares that you are a Christian and is an important outward symbol of an inward commitment.

Anyone interested in getting baptized must be at least 13 years old.  There is a Youth Baptism Class for those 13-15, and for those 16+, the baptism pre-requisite is the Southland 101 course. 

*If you have previously completed Southland 101, you will simply need to attend the recently added fifth session which is focused on Baptism.  

To sign up for the Youth Baptism Class (ages 13-15) or the Southland 101 (the full course or just the baptism session), click the appropriate button below!
If you would like more information, email Pastor Ray Yoder.